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Veliko Tarnovo

Photo stories from the Bulgarian trip that included hiking on Musala summit. Interesting and cool cats, great food, impressive mountains and a lot of care for the historical monuments. We visited also Veliko Tarnovo which is amazing.


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Location: Veliko Tarnovo & Borovets, Bulgaria, history, medieval.

Transylvanian insights

I took these photos while in a minitour in Trasylvania where I visited, together with ATGR training group, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Hunedoara, Salina Turda, Densus, Geoagiu Bai, Cascada Clocota, Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, Targu Jiu. The photos selected are only with Salina Turda (Turda salt mine) and a view of a tower from the Hunedoara Castle, Hunyadi, Corvin Castle).


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Location: Transylvania.


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Carpathian landscapes – Ranca

I took these photos during the days of celebration between 2018 and 2019. We were a group of friends stayng an one of my friend’s lodges.


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Location: Ranca, Romania.


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Mamaia beach in October

I took this photo right after taking my sailing exam in Mamaia, Black Sea coast.


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Location: Mamaia, Romania.


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Macin (Southeastern Romania)

I took this photo while hiking in the Macin national park area, in the old Macin Mountains (Southeastern Romania). These mountains are very old and low, near the old Danube branch. They rise directly from the plain there. We took some water from the fountain there to cool the thirst of the horses there. It was a hot summer day. The shepherd also released the sheep when it saw we were pulling out water.


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Location: Macin Mountains, Romania.


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